Web Sites

I’ve been building web sites since the web was wild, and in recent years have been building them with this awesome open source software called WordPress that lets me create high quality sites very quickly, and makes it easy for clients to manage their own content. As an extension of web design/development work, I can get you set up in the social media scene so you can demonstrate your expertise and engage with your audience via a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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When you aim to sell an 11,000 square foot home that you confidently call “The Grandest Estate in Silicon Valley” you want more of a web presence than the virtual tour realtors put on the web for you.

I redesigned Lincoln Glen Little League’s site to make it easier for parents to find information in order to reduce the volume of calls and emails league officials received, and to make it easier for the league to post information about field closures, fundraisers and other news and events.

I updated the look of Holly’s web site as part of her move to a new broker, Sereno’s Willow Glen office.

Existing client Clos LaChance needed a site to showcase some of their novelty brands on the web in support of periodic sales campaigns, and I was happy to help.

I refreshed the design of this Salesforce.com and cloud consultancy’s web site in time for their biggest conference of the year.

Site built for a high-end chef who caters personal, professional and private events all over the bay area. Check out the site here.

This is the web site I built for Clos LaChance Winery in nearby San Martin. Their facility and vineyards are adjacent to CordeValle golf course, so they had lots of gorgeous pictures they wanted to showcase.

My wife and I run a blog and Facebook page for our neighborhood called Willow Glen Charm. She’s the brains behind the operation, I designed and built the web site. : )

Catherine Mohr is an expert on surgical robotics and sustainability. She is a published author and an accomplished speaker, having given multiple presentations at TED conferences and other venues. I designed and built a web site that showcases her expertise, articles and presentations.

This is a small, simple site I built for a healthcare services consultancy. As part of the build process it came to light that they didn’t have a brand identity, so I designed a logo for them too.

You can visit their site to see it in action.

The Vegan Vine makes 100% vegan wine. They needed a site that reflected the natural, organic color design of their bottle. See the site for yourself.

The New England wine brand Wicked Good Wines needed a web site that mirrored their minimalist, edgy look. I hooked ’em up — see for yourself!

The very fun wine brand “MommyJuice” needed a web site to support their efforts to expand distribution nationally. Needed to be fun, tie in with the bottle artwork, and feed visitors to the wine’s facebook page.

Check it out for yourself at http://mommyjuicewines.com

Already a satisfied customer, Comity wanted to refresh the layout and look of the site I built for them a couple years back. Check it out for yourself at http://comitydesigns.com.

I designed and built this site for Bennett Valley Education Fund. They needed a professional site to give visitors the confidence they need to donate funds to this non-profit which supports art and music programs in the Bennett Valley Union School District.

This is a very special web site for me…my mom was diagnosed with Myodysplastic Syndrome in 2009, and is about to undergo a bone marrow transplant. When she told me she’d like a blog about her experience as a way to keep her many friends up-to-date, and to help others going through what she’s going through, I told her she’d found her man.

I love this project first because she said it’s therapeutic for her to shape and share her thoughts with her friends, and I like that I wasa part of letting her do that, and because it turns out she’s a great blogger. She’s a total natural who picked up the use of WordPress as quickly as she found her voice as a writer. If you have a second, see for yourself and maybe leave a note in the guestbook to let her know you’re thinking of her!

Alicia wasn’t happy with her presence at Etsy, and asked me to build her a custom site complete with shopping cart and online purchase. So I did! The site’s not live anymore, but here’s an image of the home page.

This is a small site I designed and built for a consultancy focused on the development of iPhone and Android Apps. You can check the site out for yourself.

mj-painting_web-siteMJ Painting was frustrated with the time and money they’d spent trying to establish a simple web presence that they could be proud of. I took care of business in just a few days, and gave them some ideas for ways to take the site to another level.

solace-website-homeI redesigned my company’s web site to give it a more sophisticated look inline with the sites of larger competitors and peers. The home page includes a custom interactive panel that I designed and had developed by a great Columbian agency called Koombea.