My name’s Greg…Greg Barr. Friends call me “gbarr.” I live in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, California with my beautiful wife Holly and two boys Bryce and Gavin. I’m a Facebook fanatic, so if you know me, check out my profile, send me a friend request and let’s connect. I’m in LinkedIn too, if that’s your thing.

Whether it’s on the web, in an email, or in a brochure, I love creating materials that are attractive, engaging and informative. Fortunately for me, there’s a field dedicated to doing just that called marketing communications (aka “marcom”), and I’ve been active in it for my entire career. I have experience executing and managing all kinds of marcom projects, and a fully fleshed-out skillset that includes design and writing, geeky web stuff, and strategic planning. I’ve led small teams of designers, writers and web developers, but I’m honestly happiest when my sleeves are rolled up and I’m elbow deep in some challenging design, web or writing project.

I’ve got a day job that I love, but someday I’d like to be a full-time independent marcom consultant providing design, web and writing services to local businesses, non-profit organizations and technology companies. To get started on the path toward that goal, I’m making my services available on a freelance basis. So I built this site to archive and show off my work, and will try to describe my techniques and tools in the hopes that potential clients, and my fellow marcom guys and gals, will find interesting.

I hope you enjoy perusing my site!

– Greg