Small Corporate Brochure

solace-brochure_coverThis is an ultra-compact tri-fold brochure I designed and wrote for use at tradeshows and first meetings. Its finish/folded size is just 3.5″ wide by 6.5″ high. I’ve seen so many brochures go straight into the garbage can because it’s inconvenient to carry them that I decided to make our introductory “first touch” brochures so small that they literally fit in your pocket. This increases the chance that somebody will actually hang on to one long enough to notice that they should learn more about the exciting solution described inside. There’s still plenty of room to feature pictures of the product and describe our solutions and typical use cases.

This is the entire outside of the brochure, unfolded:
This is the entire outside of the brochure, unfolded.

This is the inside of the brochure, unfolded:

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