Print Work

I’ve been creating all kinds of printed materials since the beginning of my career…brochures, newsletters, flyers, tradeshow signage, t-shirts, tchochkes and other merchandise.

DSC_3341_014Comity needed booth art produced for their participation in a conference with just a few days to spare. I made it happen for them, and they said “The conference was a HUGE success. Thank you for world-class booth!”

I designed the shirt for Theta Chi’s ’09 Homecoming tailgate.09-SJSU-Homecoming_OX-T-Shirt

solace-seasons-greetings-08OK, this wasn’t technically a printed piece, it was an image that we sent out in an email to all of our contacts. But it was designed in the spirit of a holiday card and doesn’t fit in any of my categories so this is the best I can do. I like this piece because I think it’s a great example of how you can use good typography and layout to create a compelling design without any artwork or over-the-top gimics.

solace-whitepapertemplateThis is the document template I designed for Solace. It’s simple enough visually that it can be used for whitepapers, attractive enough to be used for double-sided single-sheet solution briefs or datasheets. I created it in Microsoft Word to facilitate collaborative development and editing, and to give the salesforce the ability to create their own documents and proposals in an attractive template that reflects our brand.

These are some posters I designed for our 2008 trade shows.

solace-brochure_coverThis is an ultra-compact tri-fold brochure I designed and wrote for use at tradeshows and first meetings. Its finish/folded size is just 3.5″ wide by 6.5″ high. I’ve seen so many brochures go straight into the garbage can because it’s inconvenient to carry them that I decided to make our introductory “first touch” brochures so small that they literally fit in your pocket. This increases the chance that somebody will actually hang on to one long enough to notice that they should learn more about the exciting solution described inside. There’s still plenty of room to feature pictures of the product and describe our solutions and typical use cases.

tibco-overviewThis is a single-page corporate overview I created while at TIBCO. It’s a good example of making a lot of information on a single page organized and readable, and I also designed the solution stack diagram in the middle.

tibco-forest-trees-adThis is a print ad that I art directed for TIBCO, around the launch of their CEP product called BusinessEvents. I came up with the ad concept and wrote the copy, and a designer on my team named Frank Lee created the tree image per my direction.

barrbashinviteIn 2007, we threw one hell of a party featuring a live band in our small backyard. It was a blast. This is the invitation I designed. I wanted to give it a festive feel while highlighting the musical (i.e. live band) aspect of the party. Looking at it now I don’t really like the placement and size of the words “Live Band” but I still like the overall design quite a bit.

gavin-2nd-birthdayThis is the invitation I designed for Gavin’s birthday, which as you can hopefully tell had a “movie night” theme. We die cut (OK, we used scissors, there were only two dozen of them…) the corners and everything so they were in the actual shape of an old-fashioned movie ticket.

4th-of-july-poppercard1For the 4th of July in 2006, Holly distributed small “poppers” to the neighborhood she was focused on. I designed this simple card to which she affixed the poppers — that’s the root of the word choice, and the reason there’s the large white space under the lilne “Pick a Realtor with POP!!!”

barrbee2008This is the holiday newsletter I made for my family in December 2007.

This is the holiday newsletter I made for my family in December 2007.barrbee20071

barrbee2006This is the holiday newsletter I made for my family in December 2006.

ox50thThis is the flyer I designed for the 50th Anniversary of my fraternity in 1998.

holly-postcard-templateFirst things first, I designed a shell/template that we could use to give pieces a consistent look over time. We decided to include a paragraph about her so every piece introduced her to the reader in case it’s their first time seeing any of her materials. The back included her contact information in the form of a return address, along with blank spaces for mailing requisites such as address and indicia.

Here is Holly’s current business card. I had to work in context of Intero’s brand guidelines that mandate the placement of the color block and Intero logo on the left hand side. I had to take some liberty with the logo to get the picture of Holly up to a decent size. All in all an attractive card that presents makes key information easy to read while presenting Holly’s brand elements in context of her company’s.


This is a simple tearsheet-style flyer that I designed to help Holly promote a listing. It was posted on bulletin boards throughout the community, and generated numerous calls.

wg-safety-fairThis is a promotional flyer/postcard I designed for the PAL Willow Glen Safety Fair that Holly sponsored and organized.

I know, letterhead, big whoop. It’s not even fancy letterhead. I’m mostly posting this as a reminder that you need to have letterhead, and I can design it for you as part of a basic logo/identity package.

Here’s the card I designed for Holly when she was with Coldwell.